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I found the experience of talking at a WordCamp so exhilarating, that I wanted to do it again. About what? I didn’t go too far from the topic of the year before, but it was different.

I’m doing customer support work and despite the constant recommendation from us to users that they should use a staging site to test updates (or any big change for that matter), a lot of them still don’t do that and screw up their live websites.

So I thought I thought I would do a bit of education this time. It runs in the family anyway. (My paternal grandfather, my maternal grandmother and my mom were teachers, and my dad was and is giving lectures a lot too, so …)

So I did a hands-on workshop showing the audience how to create a staging site of a live (production) website in two different ways. And how easy that is actually.

So here it goes:

Feel free to comment or ask questions. I like those. 🙂


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