Faster Support – Client Tip #5 – Share Screenshots or Screen Recordings

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I’m sure you are familiar with the above saying. A screenshot is already great, a screen recording is even better.

I always love it when users share screen recordings, especially when they also comment what they are doing and what is happening versus what they expect to be happening.

It shows clearly what the user does, and rarely leaves room for guessing.

A screen recording makes it easier for the support agent to recreate the issue at hand, or helps the agent to pinpoint the error in the process, if there is one.

There are a whole bunch of tools on the web, free and paid. Here’s a brief list to get you started:

This year (2019) in September I participated at WordCamp Zürich in Switzerland. I applied with a talk about how a support exchange, and thus reaching a resolution can be made faster. And I thought it would make a great blog series.

This is the fifth set of tips for Clients in the Faster Support – For Both Sides series.

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