Automation demo

This is a side-by-side demonstration to show the benefits of automation in relation to Support Agent tip #3 – Automation and Support Agent tip #4 – Forget the mouse!

In both demos the following text is being typed out.

Hi Denise,
Thanks for reaching out!

It looks like your Event Tickets Plus plugin is outdated. Please update it. Here's some guidance

for that:

Hope this helps.

I am going to mark this ticket as resolved, but if you need anything else related to this topic,

just send a reply. For different topics please create a new ticket and we'll be happy to help.


I recommend looking at the right side because that finishes faster.

Note, the left recording cuts off at 1 minute, when the task is not yet done. There is still about 10-15 seconds of work left.

(You might want to reload the page / press Ctrl + R so the animations re-starts.)

Using mouse and keyboard, no automation

~70-75 seconds

Using keyboard and scripts, no mouse

~30 seconds

Greet; Thanks for reaching out!
… Event Tickets Plus …
Mouse move, click to open a new tab
Mouse move, click in address bar
Hand back to keyboard, type url
Mouse move and click on url to select
M. move and in address bar to select
Mouse move and click on copy
Mouse move, click on prev. tab
Mouse move, right click, click on paste
Hope this helps!
Type closing paragraph

Greet; (script) thxr
… (script) petp …
Ctrl + T
Ctrl + L
type url
{down down} (puts address in bar)
Shift + Home
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + Shift + Tab (switch to prev. Tab)
Ctrl + V
(script) hth
(script) mres