Archive Comments

Introducing the Archive Comments plugin for WordPress, designed to give you more control over your comment management. Standard comment statuses are limiting, but with Archive Comments, you can easily archive or unarchive selected comments, keeping your dashboard organized without losing important messages.

Why Use Archive Comments?

This plugin is perfect for users who receive non-spam comments that don’t fit into the usual categories but still need to be kept for reference. Whether it’s for organization or to reduce dashboard clutter, Archive Comments is a simple yet effective solution.

With the Archive Comments WordPress plugin, you’ll enjoy:

Archive/Unarchive Comments

Easily move comments to and from the archive.

Dedicated Archive Submenu

Access archived comments from a separate menu.

Clean Dashboard

Archived comments are removed from the main comment list.

Download Archive Comments

Archive Comments 1.0.0

Usage Instructions

Install and activate like any other plugin. There are no settings to mess with.

Once activated you will see the “Archive” action in the row actions and the “Archived” submenu will be added under “Comments”, where you can unarchive the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does this plugin cost?

A: The current version is absolutely free.

Q: What if I want more features?

A: By all means! If you’d like a feature, please leave a comment on this post. I would love to enhance the plugin. Or you can post a new issue in the plugin repository.

Q: What if I experience problems?

A: I’m always interested in your feedback. The Issues section of the repository is the best place to flag any issues. Do note, however, that the degree of support I provide tends to be very limited at the moment.


= [1.0.0] 2024-06-24 =

  • Initial release